Workplace/Group team building events

Unleash the collaborative creativity within your team!

Beyond the Bowl Pottery now offers team building events for groups featuring collaborative ceramic art activities that highlight creativity and collaboration. Challenge your group to leave its comfort zone, get their hands dirty, and try something new with one of our custom hand building classes.

Fun, Creative, Engaging and Relaxing

Are you looking for a new fun workplace or group event?  

Pottery is a great activity for all ages and abilities. Past clients have said that our pottery classes are so much fun that they are able to completely forget their worries for hours. 

How our group sessions work

We can do a custom project for your group or we offer the choice of a variety of pre-planned projects including small serving plates decorated using pressed seasonal flowers and plants, small flower pots decorated using seasonal pressed flowers, animal/critter cups for pet lovers, ceramic flowers, carved pots/candle holder (*extra cost), small sgraffito decorated vases (*extra cost), group pumpkin patch, garden bells/wind chimes. 

All projects are hand built and decorated in the workshop. For projects that are marked *extra cost, the pots are pre-made by us on the wheel but decorated by you in the workshop. These pre-made projects are great as they reduce the feeling of perfectionism and let you focus on the decorating. These are very popular with our clients who are looking for an extra relaxing experience and the feeling of "zoning out" to escape everyday pressures.

We are happy to customize a project to your group. Check out these images of past projects.

Collaborative piece

Art is a great way to bring people together. We can also provide a collaborative project where the team works together to create a larger piece.  Some past projects have included large vases with decorative elements, bird baths, and wall tiles (textural or floral). This makes for a beautiful piece of art to display in your workplace. (*extra cost)


We come to you! We bring all the supplies needed. Cleanup is quick and efficient. We bring clear plastic tablecloths and take all the clean up away with us. We love the environment and strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We recycle any extra clay and all plastic tablecloths and tools are sanitized and reused. 


Classes are approximately 1.5-2 hours in length (daytime or evening). We require 30 mins of set up and 30 mins of clean up time. After the class, all of the pottery is transported to our studio where the work is dried, bisque fired in our kiln, glazed, and fired a second time. The work is then returned to you (approximate timeline is 3 weeks). We recommend having an in office "art show" at this time to admire all of your beautiful creations and continue the fun of the experience. 

Under 20 participants $2000

21-40 participants $3000

41-60 participants $4000

For groups larger than 60 participants, please contact us.


Let us know if you have any other questions. Contact us now for availability.

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