The studio is equipped with 1 large work table, a slab roller, 2 wheels, many tools, glazes, and a kiln (located separately for safety). The studio has large windows and is a bright, welcoming space. The studio space holds 4 people comfortably (classes are limited to 4 participants). This is a home studio near Trafalgar and the QEW in Oakville.


Emily has worked with clay since 2001. Wanting to take her art to the next level, she completed her Bachelor of Crafts and Design in Ceramics at Sheridan College in 2018. She won the prestigious William and Mary Corcoran Award for Outstanding Achievement upon graduation from the program. 

Emily now has the skills and experience to help other artists try new things in clay, take their work to the next level, and find their voice as an artist. Emily has taught clay classes and workshops to adults and children. Emily's work can be seen at

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